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Work with us to select the very best materials for your project and your needs. Selecting materials from a range of types and sources is one of the best ways to control both the budget and the timeline of your project. 

Hard Woods

Contrary to popular belief this doesn’t refer to the density of the tree; hardwoods are deciduous trees that lose their leaves annually, compared to softwoods, or conifer trees, that remain ‘evergreen’ throughout the year.

Hardwoods are generally preferred for making long-lasting furniture due to their typically higher density and therefore longevity. They have beautifully unique structures which add character to any furniture, which you can manipulate through varnish and polish.


Materials | Hardwood

Soft Wood

Softwoods come from evergreen trees and actually make up 80% of timber on the market as they are typically lighter and less expensive woods.

They are therefore found throughout your home, from windows and doors, to furniture and even your Christmas tree.


Materials | Softwood


Corian has become one of the most popular materials worldwide since its creation back in the sixties. 

It is primarily used as countertop surfaces, although these days it shows its flexibility appearing throughout the home as sinks, baths, shower plates and more, in over 100 colours.

People love it for its powerful seemless appearance, as well as stain, scratch and heat resistance.


Materials | Corian


Glass has so much potential to transform the home, and is employed in both its construction – such as walls, doors and windows – and as furniture pieces, such as cabinets, tables, sliding panels and more.

Glass helps to bring light into a design, while offering a timeless quality.


Materials | Glass

Wood Veneers

Veneers are normally a thin slice of wood, typically under 3mm, which can be used for cabinets, parquet floors or furniture design to create flat panels.

It’s even possible to create entire pieces solely from veneers.

Their beautiful design pattern comes from the angle at which the wood of the tree is sliced to show you its growth rings.


A popular material in kitchens and bathrooms as it is manufactured to improve strength, durability and insulation.

Laminates are also cheaper than working with wood veneers, while maintaining many of the same characteristics.



Medium-Density Fibreboard, or MDF, is an environmentally-friendly, less expensive option for many wood-based projects around the home.

As it consists of recycled hardwood and softwood, it is ideal for many projects as it is smooth throughout (no knots), making it easy to paint, more resistant to heat and humidity, and more flexible in its application.

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