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Interior Designers

At Goldcrest Furniture we’ve worked with a great number of designers, each with their own particular way of working, from the very hands on to those who prefer to leave it in our hands.
We appreciate working with all designers as we learn from each other, and the relationship only gets stronger the longer we collaborate.
Interior Designer working with Goldcrest Furniture

Why Goldcrest?


Our experience helps us to understand exactly what you're looking for and where to source your materials. We care about budget, timing, and your client, so you can focus on other aspects of the project.

Attention to detail

We care about the finer details. We only produce the highest quality furniture and are open and communicative about every detail of our quality checks.


Making any old piece of furniture is easy. We love the challenges that come with every new project, be it working with new materials or budgetary restraints.

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Know someone who could be interested?
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