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Home Furnishings from Shepperton across the UK

Why decorate your home with our home furnishings?

Home Furnishings with Goldcrest Furniture

Goldcrest Furniture has experience providing excellent integral designs for more than 20 years, working on projects of all sizes, from private clients to international contracts.
We care about your design vision and project strategy, and we know that one piece of furniture doesn’t make a whole room. We love helping our clients to create layered designs, combining textures, patterns and colours to create and bring to life balanced concepts through the use of different textiles.

We work with both interior designers and private clients, and we are able to offer advice throughout the whole process in order to fit to your budget and available time. 

If you’ve got an idea for a project and are looking to take the next step, share your project with us and see just how we can help you.
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Why buy our home furnishings?


We source high-quality materials both locally and internationally; we always want the right material for you.


We believe we can make just about anything, and the more unique, the greater the challenge.

Family Designs

Consider our loose covers for a family-friendly, flexible option within budget and in record time.

Our Clients

The first time I worked with Goldcrest, Damien really understood what I was looking for. Together we found our final design and I just left it with him, checking in from time to time at critical stages. I loved the final piece, and they also handled well a fairly complex installation with the client. We now have an excellent working relationship.
Ana Carrasco Gutiérrez
Home Stager & Designer
Commissioning my first piece was a really big step. Having someone to help select materials and share their experience made me feel really good about it as soon as we sat down. My house is now full of their furniture!
Agata Beban
Private Client

You name it, we can make it.

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