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The Furniture Process

On all of our projects we try to follow the same six-step procedure to make sure that everything goes as efficiently as possible.

Step 1: The Room

First of all we would love to see the room(s) where the furniture will live as is, preferably with photos and a mini sketch with the dimensions taken, taking into account small alcoves, windows, plug sockets and anything else which might be important in the design of the piece of furniture.
Also, think about colours and the existing furniture in the room so that we can plan accordingly.
Empty Floor Plan

Step 2: The Furniture

As part of the plan, let us know what furniture you intend to have custom-built, taking into account spacing, and also practicalities (will you need extra chairs for a dining-room table? Would a gliding door be better for your storage space?).
Don’t worry about it looking professional, the important thing here is to let us know measurements, colours, fabrics, materials and functional needs, and if you’re not sure don’t worry at all as we can help you to decide this too!
Home Furniture for Planning

Step 3: The Design Brief

Next you’ll sit down with us and fill us in with all these details.

Maybe it’s part of a bigger project? Maybe you have a strict budget you’d like us to adhere to.

Together we’ll consider a range of options and whittle them down to the final design.

Populated Floor Plan

Already got an idea?

Step 4: The Proposal

We’ll get back to you with a final proposal with a quote for your bespoke furniture

As part of this proposal you’ll know what final materials will be used, the budget, a rough timeline for the build, and any other details you need to make your final decision.

Once you’re happy and give us the green light, we’ll get started on your custom-built piece!

Hand Shake over Proposal

Step 5: The Build

It’s time for us to start making your piece of custom-made furniture! Time’s can vary wildly according to the type and specifications of the piece, but we should already have given you a good idea during the proposal phase. Feel free to check in with us from time to time to know how things are going. 
This step involves sourcing your materials, prepping and building your furniture, and an important quality check before the final stage.

Step 6: The Installation

It’s finally time! The very same team that has crafted your masterpiece will deliver it to your doorstep and install it in your home. 

We feel it’s imperative that we are the ones who do the installation to ensure quality and integrity of the piece all the way through the process. We will also talk with you about your new furniture, and the best way to look after it over it’s very long life.

Sofa Installation
Masterpiece sofa and soft furnishings

Your masterpiece is home.
The wait was worth it.

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