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Goldcrest Furniture is named after the famous Goldcrest because we love its fabulous colours, which we have incorporated into our brand.
Although a relatively young company, Goldcrest Furniture’s craftsmen have more than 20 years experience manufacturing bespoke furniture, and helping designers to bring their ideas to life.
Goldcrest Furniture, through its parent company LL Events Ltd, also has many years of experiencing providing bespoke furniture and artwork for corporate hospitality events around Europe.
Whatever the cause, we take great pride in crafting unique pieces of art, sourcing our materials according to the needs, budget and time available to our clients.

Why work with Goldcrest Furniture?

Understanding the core values behind all our projects.


The character in each of our pieces of furniture reflects the character of the man and the machine that make it.

Intimate Service

If the furniture has the character of its crafter, its fundamental that the crafter work as closely as possible with his client in order to reflect their wishes through the piece. We know just how exciting and integral to commissioning bespoke furniture taking part in its inception and creation can be, so we want you to feel like you’re really part of the experience.

Hard work

We know that for many of the designers who work with us that the work we do forms part of a bigger project. We therefore work extremely hard to commit to client time and budgetary needs.


Many of our clients expect an integral service; from handing over your specifications to build and install, you can feel comfortable leaving it in our hands knowing that the piece will arrive on the day, at the time, and in the condition you expected.